Cannabis Law

The attorneys at Chenoweth Law Group have quickly become leaders in the dynamic new arena of cannabis law. Whether you are a dispensary owner or operator, grower, processor, wholesaler, testing laboratory, or ancillary service provider, and whether your operation serves the retail or medical market, Chenoweth Law Group has the skills and knowledge to serve your legal needs.

The emerging cannabis market creates uncommon opportunities and risks. With the firm's deep background in a wide variety of related fields-including real estate, land use, administrative law, environmental law, business agreements, contract disputes, property disputes, and litigation-Chenoweth Law Group is poised to help both newcomers and established operators in Oregon's legal marijuana industries.

Growers face a variety of challenges in which legal representation can be invaluable. Are you an established grower facing new restrictions or prohibitions in local land use codes? Are you contemplating partnership in a grow operation or dissolution of a partnership? Has your grow site suffered a loss for which another person or entity may be responsible? Have you suffered an insurable loss or received a wrongful denial of coverage from an insurance carrier? Has a local government or regulatory agency interpreted an ordinance, statute, or rule adversely to your interests? Are your neighbors taking action to oppose your operation? If your answer to any of these or similar questions is "yes," Chenoweth Law Group wants to know.

Dispensary owners and operators make difficult decisions every day in their competitive, heavily regulated, and rapidly changing marketplace. Lease disputes, business disputes, contract negotiations, employment claims, property damage claims, product liability claims, insurance claims, environmental liability claims, local government land use and enforcement actions, contested administrative and licensing proceedings-these are just a few of the circumstances in which a dispensary owner or operator can benefit from legal representation by the Chenoweth Law Group. Many law firms advertise to the cannabis industry, but few have the broad expertise to adeptly guide their clients through each of these types of problems. Chenoweth Law Group does.

Wholesalers, processors, and testing laboratories each play important roles in the retail and medical marijuana products industries. Like growers and dispensaries, they are exposed to a wide variety of challenges from individuals, competitors, local governments, and state regulatory agencies. The lawyers at Chenoweth Law Group know how each of these roles fit within the state's complex marijuana licensing and regulatory schemes. They know the types of specific issues each of these operations encounter and the legal options for resolving them. No area of business or law is too complex for the Chenoweth Law Group, which uses its skills in legal analysis, advocacy, and negotiation to help its clients achieve their goals. If you are a grower, dispensary, wholesaler, processor, or testing laboratory in need of skilled legal representation, contact the Chenoweth Law Group.

Areas in which participants in the legal cannabis industry might benefit from legal services provided by the Chenoweth Law Group include the following:

  1. all varieties of litigation, including claims for breach of contract, property damage, and personal injury;
  2. land use permit applications such as conditional use permits, nonconforming use permits, variances, zone changes, and land use compatibility statements;
  3. regulatory compliance analysis and advice;
  4. licensing applications and administrative proceedings;
  5. real estate contract and lease negotiations, dispute resolution, and due diligence investigations;
  6. business entity formation, partnership structures, partnership disputes, and investment deals;
  7. employment claims such as wrongful discrimination, retaliation, hostile workplace, harassment, and wage claims;
  8. insurance coverage advice, analysis, claim representation, insurance litigation, and dispute resolution;
  9. perfection and enforcement of liens and security interests;
  10. intellectual property protection, portfolio development, registrations, and defense or prosecution of infringement and misappropriation claims related to trademarks, copyrights, privacy, publicity, name and likeness issues, and trade secrets;
  11. estate planning, litigation, and dispute resolution;
  12. strategic business advice;
  13. appeals of court and administrative decisions; and
  14. interpretation of states statutes, regulations, and local ordinances.

Whatever your legal needs, Chenoweth Law Group is a great place to start for all participants and entrants in Oregon's fast-growing legal cannabis industries.