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Civil Appeals Archives

Some basics about Oregon gun laws

Whether you own a business that sells guns, a firing range that helps people perfect their shots or you are simply an individual Oregon citizen with a firearm, it's important to keep up on the applicable laws. The lines between potential wrongdoing and legality can be slim in some areas of gun law, and the civil matters are even grayer.

State court reverses trial court ruling in harassment case

The Oregon Supreme Court recently reversed the ruling of a trial court, which originally issued a summary judgment for the defendants in a sexual harassment case. The decision of the appeals court centered around whether or not the defendant in the case could have a reasonable expectation to know that sexual abuse was possible.

The appellant versus the appellee

When a lower court decision is entered, both parties generally have the right of appeal. In some specific cases, appeals might not be allowed, particularly if the parties had agreed to abide by an arbitration decision beforehand. If an appeal is entered, though, the parties become the appellant and the appellee.

Summary judgment doesn't always end the case

When you are dealing with civil litigation, a summary judgment against you can be disheartening. Just as you might be gearing up for a trial or further hearings, the trial court might grant a motion for summary judgment on some technicality or fact. Many times, judgments are granted on misrepresented or misunderstood facts, which is why the appeals process is in place.

Keep your estate out of court

Over the past few weeks, we've discussed a number of cases involved in civil appeals and highlighted some important facets of the appeals process. Today, we're taking a moment to point out that it is often in your best interest to keep a case from traveling up the court system if possible. One of those times is when you are planning your estate.

Appeals court upholds Bureau of Labor and Industries decision

The appeals court in Oregon recently reviewed a case that was appealed by an employer after a decision was made by the Bureau of Labor and Industries' Commissioner. The appeals court ultimately sided against the employer and upheld the decision.

April is a great month to double check environmental compliance

With Earth Day rapidly approaching on April 22, this is a good month for businesses and organizations to think about their approach to the environment. Are you compliant with all environmental laws that apply to your location and industry? If not, you are risking large fines, sanctions and even lawsuits -- all of which damage your bottom line and could even put smaller organizations out of business.

What is the difference between a trial and an appeal?

When dealing with matters of civil law, a trial and an appeal are not the same thing. Typically, an appeal comes after a trial court or jury has already made a decision. While the law being considered is the same in both cases, the processes for trials and appeals can be very different.

Court sides with defendants in liability case

The Oregon Court of Appeals recently reviewed a case regarding whether the provider of electrical requirements for a facility that produced semiconductors was liable for damages occurring in relation to an outage in 2007. The plaintiffs in the case contended that the defendants were responsible. The defendants filed a cross-motion in the original case, asking for summary judgement based on the fact that the entities had signed a contract releasing defendants from such liability.

Court decides arbitrator must hear motion

It's a growing trend among companies to have employees and customers sign contracts that include arbitration agreements. In an arbitration agreement, a person usually agrees that any legal matter will be heard by a third-party arbitrator and not a court. One case recent in the Oregon Court of Appeals dealt with an issue involving such an agreement.

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