Resolving All Types Of Contract Disputes

Contracts and agreements are the infrastructure and skeleton of any company. The health of that company depends on its ability to enforce its contracts and the obligations others have to it.

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C. helps companies throughout Oregon and the northwest in understanding the contracts that structure their business and its operations.

From vendor agreements to non-compete agreements, our firm guides business owners through understanding the contractual obligations of the agreement — both for themselves and for the other party — and through developing legal strategies for protecting the interests of the company in a dispute.

Whether you are being sued over allegations that you have breached a contract or you are seeking to enforce another party's contractual obligations, we have the litigation experience you need on your side. Our attorneys are veteran business and contract law litigators, equipped to handle even the most complex breach of contract disputes.

Seeking Swift And Appropriate Remedies In Breach Of Contract Disputes

Following a breach of contract, we seek appropriate remedies, including damages (either compensatory or punitive, depending on the circumstances of the situation), specific action to make amends and fulfill the obligations or cancellation and restitution. We will advise you of all available options for remedies with legal strategies tailored to the situation.

If the matter can be resolved through strong negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods, we will help you understand your options for out-of-court resolution.

Often these matters go to court, however. You can rely on our experience in litigation and our trusted track record for success in these matters to achieve the most successful outcome possible.

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