Representing Clients In Libel And Slander Suits

With the growth of social media, a Yelp review or YouTube video that defames your company can quickly devastate your business. A competitor's salespeople can spread false information about your products or the financial strength of your company, causing your customers to switch suppliers.

False statements can damage your relations with lenders and potential investors, or even result in your company being investigated for illegal activities.

At Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., we represent plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving alleged libel (defaming statements made in writing) and slander (defaming statements made verbally). Our lawyers are experienced in these and other types of complex commercial litigation, and we aggressively seek results for our clients.

Exploring Defenses To Defamation

As a business owner or executive, you could be subject to a defamation suit if you make false statements about a former employee, harming his or her employment prospects. Our attorneys can help you avoid such problems, and if necessary, we can represent you.

While a plaintiff need not show special damages to win a case involving a statement that is defaming on its face (defamation per se), other defamation cases can involve complex legal issues.

Truth is an effective defense to slander and libel accusations, and the "truth" need not be perfectly accurate in every way to overcome a defamation accusation. In any given case, there may be numerous other potential defenses.

Our lawyers understand the nuances of slander and libel law, and they will apply their analysis and advocacy skills to crafting an effective legal strategy. If necessary, Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., will vigorously represent you in court.

Social Media and Defamation

Using social media, employees, former employees, competitors, and other parties can disseminate falsehoods and damaging information about your company. But comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and in Internet chat rooms leave digital tracks that lead back to the offending party, even when that person has posted under a pseudonym.

Our firm will thoroughly investigate and document the offending material. If necessary, we can retain computer experts who can pierce the veil of anonymity and develop the evidence needed to pursue litigation against the offending party.

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