Intentional Interference With Business Relationships

By law, business parties are to have the freedom to enter into contracts with each other without the intentional interference of a third party.

If another party interferes with two entities entering into a contract or meddles with either's ability to fulfill the requirements of the contract, either or both of those parties can bring a suit against the third party (or tortfeasor).

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., provides knowledgeable representation in identifying this kind of interference and preventing the third party from becoming an obstacle to the contract. This could include unfair actions by competitors or other businesses seeking financial gain should the contract fail.

Preventing Tortious Interference Through Decisive Legal Action

To prove tortious interference or the intentional interference of a third party, it must be proven that:

  • A contractual relationship existed or that a contract was going to be produced
  • The third party knew about the contract or the possibility of a contract
  • The third party took intentional action to prevent the contract or to prevent either party from fulfilling its contractual duties (the third party must have acted intentionally)
  • That the interference resulted in a breach of contract
  • That the breach of contract produced economic loss or damages

It is important that those involved in the contract seek legal representation as soon as possible to prevent further interference from the third party and any further loss, as well as to seek all available damages or equitable relief.

Our attorneys are experienced in identifying signs of interference and motives of the third party to interfere in the contact. We assemble the evidence needed to prove tortious interference, and are prepared to take the matter to litigation to protect the interests of our clients.

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