Partnership Disputes

Many partnership disputes have roots back to the first days of starting the company. Two people with the same idea for a business concept may have two entirely different ideas of how the business should grow and develop over time. Over time, these small cracks in the collaboration turn into serious problems for the company.

Partnership disputes quickly become costly and distracting obstacles for a company, threatening to tear it apart. A fast resolution is critical.

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., represents partners and business owners in partnership disputes, delivering strategies for resolving the conflict efficiently and with minimal impact to the company and its operations.

Resolving Conflict Among Business Partners Through Effective Legal Strategies

It is important to involve an attorney in these disputes. Why?

Partners often have a long personal and professional history, potentially lined with past grudges or unvoiced grievances. Dealing with disputes and exploring the option of dissolution can be as emotionally draining as a divorce.

Our attorneys strive to diffuse the emotion of the situation and keep the matter pointed toward a productive outcome, uninhibited by personal relationships or grievances.

Mediation is often a productive tool for resolving partnership disputes, providing the opportunity for a facilitated negotiation of how best to move past the conflict. When mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution fail, however, litigation may become necessary.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators, prepared to take the matter to court to protect the interests of our clients and the investments they have made in the companies.

We also assist companies in exploring options for partnership dissolution, delivering agreeable strategies for dividing the assets and liabilities of the company among the partners.

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