Trade Secret/Non-Competition Litigation

Your Intellectual Property Is an Important Asset

For you or your business to be protected, many types of contracts and agreements can be created. These documents often address trade secrets and prevent your key employees from using your business information to compete with your company.

Having an experienced attorney on your side when dealing with these issues can ensure that your rights and future are protected.

At Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., we work side by side with clients to see that their trade secret and non-compete issues are handled efficiently and effectively. We attempt to find the most cost-effective resolutions while seeing that the solutions suit your best interests, needs, and goals for the future.

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Protection of Trade Secrets

All businesses have policies, procedures, and creations that are the critical foundation of the business. These are often considered trade secrets protected under the law, because disclosure may allow competitors to gain access to your clients and erode your position in the marketplace.

Theft of trade secrets by employees or other companies must be met with aggressive litigation to protect your business and all of the hard work that created it. We handle all types of trade secret matters for individuals and businesses whose future is threatened by trade secret violations.

Services for Employees

Policies and procedures used to safeguard trade secrets and other intellectual property are not always written in the clearest language. Some businesses use claims of misappropriation of trade secrets to cripple a former employee's new business. In your eagerness to take on new employment, you may not have taken the time to read or fully understand what you were signing.

If your employer, or former employer, has accused you of stealing trade secrets or violating a non-compete agreement, our lawyers can help. And because we have significant experience representing both sides of these disputes, we can anticipate the opposition's objections and build a stronger case for you.

Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation Agreements

Many employees are asked to sign a non-competition or non-solicitation agreement prior to or during their employment. These agreements seek to prohibit the former employee from working with the employer's competitors or starting his or her own competing business. There are often many details written in fine print that can be subject to litigation if the employee is not fully aware of all of the terms of the agreement.

Our firm handles the creation and litigation of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements by employers, as well as:

  • Enforcement of non-disclosure agreements
  • Enforcement of non-competition among partners, joint ventures and employees
  • Breach of fiduciary duty by employees, officers or managers
  • Embezzlement and employee dishonesty-related claims

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