Due Diligence

The quality of due diligence conducted previous to mergers and acquisitions or major business transactions is pivotal to the success of a deal. The process should take a deep and investigatory dive into the fundamentals of the entity in question, ask the right questions and deliver a clear diagnosis of whether the transaction is in the best interests of both entities.

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., is a trusted asset of companies and firms throughout Oregon and the northwest, known for its business law acumen and its ability to guide clients to clear answers that will shape the future of the enterprise.

Guidance And Protection During Due Diligence Proceedings

Our attorneys develop a close partnership with each client, understanding the specific needs and goals of the company and the reasons for acquiring another business, being acquired or making a specific transaction. Through the due diligence process, these goals guide the company as it processes the information being discovered.

Our firm assists in all aspects of due diligence, evaluating risk associated to a company's strategic position, operational assets and processes, financial position and statements and the legal issues that could come into play, either currently or in the years to come.

Based on these findings, we assist in determining exactly how the transaction should be structured and how best to conduct the transition and integration, in instances of mergers and acquisitions.

One of the primary responsibilities of a litigator is to conduct thorough discovery and investigation, streamlining high volumes of data and information into a form that can be leveraged in court. We deploy parallel strategies and processes to assist companies throughout the due diligence process, finding critical information in an efficient manner.

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