Protecting Your Intellectual Property

As soon as a business is established, it must immediately begin considering the best possible strategy for protecting its intellectual property.

No matter what type of business you own or the industry in which you operate, it is important that you take intellectual property seriously and seek experienced legal guidance in protecting the ideas and processes you are developing.

The steps you take now regarding IP can have a profound impact later in the life of the business. Mistakes can be costly — or terminal — for any business.

Asking The Right Questions To Protect Your Intellectual Property And Ideas

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., provides skilled and focused legal guidance in intellectual property issues to companies and ventures of all sizes and at all stages in growth. We take a close look at your company and the ideas and information that make it competitive. We help you ask the right questions, and we deliver the answers and solutions that will protect the company long-term.

  • Do you actually own your ideas, designs, concepts and trademarks? We assist in conducting the searches and due-diligence needed to ensure you aren't building a business on ideas that someone else already owns.
  • Could any of your existing contracts or agreements affect your IP later? Our attorneys review all contracts to see how they could negatively affect your ownership of IP. We also educate you on how to avoid contractual mistakes that could create risk, including third-party licensing issues.
  • What patents, copyrights or other applications do you need to file to protect your IP? We provide a clear understanding of all legal options for IP protection, including how a provisional application could be effective in protecting IP that is being developed by your company.
  • Are you aware of international companies that may have similar ideas? We provide a global perspective, expanding our search overseas to ensure that international entities do not own IP that could pose risk, either currently or in years to come.

Our firm assists in thoroughly protecting the ideas and designs that are foundational to your company. This deep dive approach vets out potential risks and offers the protection you need and can depend on.

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