Starting A Business In Oregon

Entrepreneurs and innovators are often eager to get their ventures off the ground, sure of the profitability of their ideas and ready to start making money. In their haste, however, far too many make critical errors in the fundamentals of establishing a business. These mistakes can have long-term and costly ramifications.

Business owners should seek the guidance and legal perspective of an experienced business law attorney to ensure their new business has the most solid foundation possible, not only as it launches, but also as it grows and develops.

Careful Planning Now Can Safeguard Your Company Into The Future

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., has represented small businesses and startups throughout Oregon and the northwest, providing valuable guidance in establishing their enterprise and in developing a legal framework that will sustain its growth through the years to come.

Entity selection — We educate business owners on all available options for entity selection, providing a clear understanding of how each selection could affect growth and tax considerations as the business grows.

Employment issues — Our attorneys help you develop a comprehensive handbook of employment policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of discrimination or employment-related claims later. We also assist in drafting non-compete and NDA agreements to protect your intellectual property.

Contract law — Our firm will assist in the drafting, negotiation and enforcement of critical contracts and agreements, including leases, vendor agreements, buy-sell agreements and employment contracts.

We build a partnership with the companies we represent during the formation phase, continuing to represent their interests throughout the years and remaining a resource they can rely upon as their business grows and develops.

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