Starting a New Business

Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor. Perhaps you have considered the legal implications of your business, including concerns specific to your industry — but chances are you've been focused on the business side of your new enterprise. Before you open your doors, it's important to consult an experienced business law attorney to ensure that your legal needs are met.

Services for New Businesses

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., has offices in Portland, and serves businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have the knowledge and experience to offer a wide range of services that new businesses need, including:

  • Entity formation, which involves choosing the legal structure that best suits your needs
  • Contracts and agreements with employees, vendors, and partners
  • Real estate purchases or leasing
  • Licenses and permits relevant to your industry
  • Assessing risk and minimizing liability

Of all our services, entity formation may be the most important for a new business. Choosing the right legal structure, and filing the appropriate documents, is an important first step on the road to success — and our attorneys can offer sound advice and efficient assistance.

Five Reasons to Choose Chenoweth Law Group, P.C.

  1. Personal attention: We'll take the time to get to know you and understand your needs, so we can offer relevant advice and customized solutions.
  2. Litigation experience: We've seen the problems businesses encounter, so we can draft documents and negotiate transactions to avoid disputes down the road.
  3. Creative, flexible billing: We know you're watching your bottom line, so we'll negotiate a fee structure that works for you, and will help you predict and manage costs.
  4. Reputation: We're one of the region's leading law firms, with many satisfied clients.
  5. Comprehensive range of services: We can represent you in matters relating to environmental regulations, real estate transactions, employment disputes, and much more.

We Can Help You Get your Business Started: Contact Us Today

Behind every good new business is a good legal team. To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., at 503-446-6261 in Portland or complete our online contact form.