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Settlement reached in Washington man's death

The family of a man who was beaten to death by police officers in Spokane, Washington, has settled a personal injury suit with the city for $1.67 million. The out-of-court settlement also stipulated that the city issue a public apology, name a park pavilion for the dead man and provide police officers with improved training.

Portland State student sues school in civil dispute

Public institutions are obligated to facilitate students of all disabilities. Failing to do so essentially breeds unequal treatment and opportunity and has been the center of many civil litigation in the past.

KFC employee axed for fighting against rotten chicken

An employment dispute at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant location in Oregon has sprouted civil litigation between a former manager and the store. The man, who used to serve as a manager at the restaurant's location, said that the owner fired him when he stood his ground and contested the fact the restaurant was serving customers rotten food.

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