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Insurance lobbyists oppose Oregon's HB 3160

A bill that would add insurance firms to Oregon's Unlawful Trade Practices Act has attracted intense opposition from over 40 lobbyists, who argue that the revised law would overburden the state's courts with unnecessary civil litigation and result in greatly increased premiums for consumers. House Bill 3160 would allow Oregon residents to file lawsuits against their insurance providers for failing to cover medical bills or taking too long to respond to claims. Insurance companies represent the only remaining industry exempt from the Unlawful Trade Practices Act; banks were included in 2010 following the economic downturn.

Over 75 sickened by infected Oregon berries

A viral outbreak of Hepatitis A spanning eight states has been linked to an Oregon farm, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Officials with the CDC claim that over 75 people in several states have reported Hepatitis A infections, 11 of whom have been hospitalized, after consuming a frozen pomegranate and berry mix produced at the farm. No deaths have been reported, but officials predict the number of reported infections to rise.

Oregon Farm Bureau sues DOL for withholding records

A recent lawsuit accuses the United States Department of Labor of violating the Freedom of Information Act by failing to release public records regarding a series of regulations as per a request by the Oregon Farm Bureau. Representatives with the OFB claim that the DOL unfairly imposed regulations on a number of blueberry farms across the state, causing those businesses to suffer financial setbacks and lose a substantial portion of their harvests. It is unclear whether the DOL will attempt to halt civil litigation by offering a settlement before the case goes to trial. Representatives with the agency have yet to comment on the case.

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