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How a case gets heard by the U.S. Supreme Court

Oregon residents may be interested to learn how a case ends up being heard by the United States Supreme Court. Because Supreme Court decisions have such a major impact on future cases, not every plaintiff can appeal their case all the way to the top. To begin, the U.S. Supreme Court will only hear cases that involve federal laws due to their jurisdiction.

Appealing a civil court decision or judgement in Oregon

Oregon litigants may appeal a decision made by a civil court judge or a judgement returned by a civil court jury. However, an appeal is not a second chance to argue their case, and they must be able to show that an error was made in applying the law for their appeal to be successful. The appeals process begins when attorneys file written arguments with the court called appellate briefs. After these written arguments have been reviewed, the attorneys may be asked to make oral arguments.

Oregon will contests

People in Oregon sometimes choose to challenge a will that has been submitted to court for probate. Challenging a will can be difficult, as courts generally strictly follow their provisions as representing the wishes of the deceased testator. There are certain situations which may arise that can overcome the court's presumption of a will's validity.

Aggressive legal representation for victims of severe injuries

Combining compassion with legal proficiency, we represent Oregon residents who've been severely injured in an accident caused by the negligent conduct of another person. Our lawyers understand that a serious injury like a spinal cord or brain injury can take a physical and financial toll on your life and the lives of your family members, and we firmly believe that you deserve compensation for your losses. We know that the recovery period can be long-term and that the medical expenses can be steep.

An overview of civil cases

An Oregon resident who is faced with or considering civil litigation might wonder about the process. A civil case begins as an individual with a complaint files the appropriate paperwork with the court. This is followed by the serving of a copy of the complaint upon the defendant. The complaint provides a summary of the issue in question, describing the defendant's role in causing the injury or dispute in question. The complaint also requests that the court order relief in the case, which may take various forms, including monetary or legal declarations of rights.

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