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Summary judgment in civil lawsuits

People in Oregon who are involved in a lawsuit may wonder what is meant by the term summary judgment. When a suit is initially filed, the plaintiff is filing a civil complaint, and through an attorney, he or she will assert various legal grounds and theories upon which his or her claims are based.

Understanding the federal court system

Residents of Oregon who have become engaged in complex legislation or have been indicted on federal charges may benefit from an understanding of the structure of the court. There are 94 judicial districts in the United States federal court system, and they are organized within 12 regional circuits.

Helping Oregon residents understand the court system

A court is a legal institution set up by the government that allows for a standard process to settle private disputes. The court abides by the adversarial process, which entails two sides presenting their case to a fact finder. In most cases, the fact finder is either the jury or a judge. The goal of each side is to emphasize the facts of their case while pointing out the flaws in the other side's argument.

Boundary disputes in Oregon

Boundary issues can be unexpected and frustrating for a property owner. You may feel that your area is well-defined, but ownership and property values could be affected if a dispute arises showing differences for a plat or deed. Because your real estate investments are important, it is helpful to work with an experienced lawyer who understands boundary issues if such a dispute arises.

Superfund sites

The state of Oregon has its share of Superfund sites, and that means that the health problems and environmental contamination associated with those areas can be a real problem for a substantial number of the state's citizens. Ever since the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act was passed in 1980, the term Superfund has been used to designate areas that have been toxified and environmentally devastated, most often by heavy industrial use.

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