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Oregon Supreme Court approves cap for damages in car accident suit

The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the city of Beaverton, deciding that it is only required to pay $200,000 of the over $1 million in damages initially granted to a woman who was injured after being struck by a police car. The state's highest court agreed to hear the case after Beaverton took the case to a civil appeals court, claiming that the Oregon Tort Claims Act protects it from having to pay more than $200,000 in damages. However, the case has yet to be resolved, as the Supreme Court only forwarded its recommendation, which is not legally binding, to the appeals court.

Oregon fishermen, legislators embroiled in river suit

Oregon's sport fishermen are in an uproar about pending litigation that prevents them from catching wild winter steelhead along the Clackamas River. A program had been developed by state scientists that allowed the fishermen to catch a certain number of the fish in exchange for sperm and eggs for the state's hatchery projects. Now, civil litigation is threatening not only the future of sport fishing in the area, but also the future of Oregon's delicate fish hatcheries.

Oregon judge throws out lawsuit over sea lion issue

The Humane Society's lawsuit over several states' plans to kill sea lions at the Bonneville Dam to protect several types of endangered fish will not continue after an Oregon U.S. District Court judge dismissed the claim with a 44-page opinion in support of the National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS). 

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