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Expelling LLC members who breach their fiduciary duties

Within a limited liability company, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise among LLC members. Many of these disputes are the result of an LLC member breaching his or her fiduciary duty. When a member does not act in the best interests of the LLC, the effects can be damaging to the company.

Removing Shareholders in Closely-Held Corporations

A breach of fiduciary duty by a shareholder in a closely-held corporation can have significant repercussions - financial, business-related, and otherwise. Often times these shareholders are also officers or directors, so their breach can have significant impact on the company. In some cases, another shareholder or even the company can seek to remove that shareholder from the company.

Minority Shareholders Have Rights: An Overview Of Minority Shareholder Oppression

Disputes among shareholders in a corporation can be very problematic, costing a lot of money and disrupting operations. When shareholder disputes are among majority and minority shareholders, they can be especially difficult, due to an imbalance of power and decision making capabilities.

President prohibits Chinese wind farm project in Oregon

President Obama has barred a Chinese company from completing a planned wind farm project in Oregon, citing concerns about potential threats to national security. Obama issued an order instructing the company to divest all interest in the wind turbines, which were to be constructed near a naval weapons system training facility, over credible evidence that the company could take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States.

Avoid Unecessary Business & Commercial Litigation - Inadvertant Contracts Over Email

As the nuances of day-to-day business operation become more complex, Chenoweth Law Group is here to help you avoid unnecessary business & commercial litigation.  Everyday, business professionals send and receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails.  In 2009, approximately 247 billion email messages were sent every day (ABC News).  For many professionals, the volume of work emails sent and received can be overwhelming.  As professionals attempt to wade through the daily email morrass as quickly as possible, they should be aware that even quick, seemingly innocuous emails can lead to the unintentional formation of a binding contract.  Especially as state and federal laws became more e-commerce friendly, it is important to undertand what types of communication can potentially bind parties.

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