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Five Things to Consider When Responding to a BOLI Complaint

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) responds to complaints filed by employees against their employers. Allegations range from failing to pay the correct amount in the employee's final paycheck to retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim or for taking family medical leave allowed by law.

School fires bus driver over Confederate flag, driver files suit

There are, as we are almost all aware, certain terms and symbols that are often used in the service of intolerance and hatred. Racial epithets, homophobic slurs, swastikas and the Confederate flag are just a few examples. Such words and images are well outside the bounds of good taste and create instant tension whenever and wherever they are used. In many cases, they cause genuine emotional pain and psychological distress on the part of those social groups at whom they are directed. But does their use merit a civil dispute?

City of Eugene fails to win its appeal for officer's dismissal

There are certain processes that need to take place when a business fires an employee from his or her job or penalizes them for performance issues. However, in some instances, a change in employment occurs after an employee files a complaint or stands up to infractions of procedures committed by superior management. It appears that this type of retaliatory reaction occurred to an ex-officer from Eugene

KFC employee axed for fighting against rotten chicken

An employment dispute at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant location in Oregon has sprouted civil litigation between a former manager and the store. The man, who used to serve as a manager at the restaurant's location, said that the owner fired him when he stood his ground and contested the fact the restaurant was serving customers rotten food.

Employees win suit against Bend tire retailer

Argument over hours and wages is often one of the lead reasons behind employment disputes. It certainly was in a recent case that pitted a large tire company, headquartered in Bend, Oregon, against 120 assistant managers for the company, both former and current.

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