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Landowners faces lawsuit after destructive Oregon fire

A group of landowners who own the vacant lot in Ashland, Oregon, that was the center of a 2010 fire that destroyed 11 homes have been sued for failing to maintain an appropriate level of safety at the site. The plaintiffs are four insurance companies that paid out $1.7 million to six homeowners after the blaze, which has been called Ashland's worst fire in the past 100 years. The plaintiffs request damages compensating them for the insurance payments.

Oregon Court Upholds Land Use Permit Covering Offsite Environmental Impacts

Are you interested in developing an industrial or commercial use on a tract of land that is surrounded by potentially unique natural resources?  Are you a concerned citizen, worried that a new use could impact recreational or natural resource uses on surrounding land?  If so, Chenoweth Law Group can help you understand local land use law and permitting processes in Oregon.  Our attorneys have significant experience with complicated land use issues and are well-versed in complex local codes and land use laws such as those recently addressed by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

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