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Posts tagged "lawsuit"

Oregon residents sue insurance company over long-term care

Four Oregon residents are accusing an insurance firm of elderly abuse in a federal class-action lawsuit recently filed in a Portland U.S. District Court. The lawsuit accuses Bankers Life and Casualty Co. of wrongfully increased premiums without enhanced benefits. They are also accused of delaying insurance claims and making their long-term care clients jump through hurdles and massive red tape. The company has long been the target of complaints and civil litigation in Oregon and was recently found to have breached a long-term care insurance contract with a client, who has since passed away.

Lawsuit contests legality of Oregon's employee wellness program

A group of law enforcement officers are accusing the state of Oregon of violating their civil rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act by forcing them to enroll in a compulsory health and wellness program. The five plaintiffs filed a federal class action lawsuit in 2012, but the case was recently dropped down to a county court. Another state saw similar civil litigation in 2011, but a federal court ruled that the employee wellness plan in that case did not violate the ADA.

Oregon mother accuses stepmother of kidnapping son in civil suit

A mother and stepmother are at odds in a civil suit that may be delayed. At the center of the civil litigation is the disappearance of the women's son and stepson. The boy was 7 years old when he disappeared after a science fair during June 2010. According to allegations made by the mother in the suit, the stepmother knows where the boy is and was involved in his kidnapping.

Oregon's high court says tobacco company must pay

National tobacco company Philip Morris USA Inc. eventually came around and paid the family of a Portland, Oregon man millions of dollars to settle a personal injury litigation that was filed after the man died from using the company's products. The overall award, including economic damages, interest and other costs, totaled $79.5 million.

Injured passengers sue owner of stolen car they rode in

A recent news story about an incident in Oregon highlights the complexity of some personal injury cases. The incident began when an 89-year-old Oregon man returned home from shopping to discover that someone had stolen his 1991 Thunderbird. The driver, a 35-year-old man who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, was carrying two passengers when he stole the vehicle.

Court reintroduces Oregon shooting case to court

A federal appeals court has overturned a decision made by a judge in a U.S. District Court ruling that the case of an Oregon teenager shot by local police be thrown out. The civil litigation has been reintroduced into a district court in Portland where a jury will decide who was at fault.

Former foster children win litigation against Oregon

Lawyers proved in court that Oregon's Department of Human Services failed to protect children who were formerly in foster care, and now the department is paying for its negligence. Representatives for a boy, now 10 years old, were successful in the civil suit against the state. As a result, the boy was awarded $2 million by a Multnomah County jury.

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