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Insurance lobbyists oppose Oregon's HB 3160

A bill that would add insurance firms to Oregon's Unlawful Trade Practices Act has attracted intense opposition from over 40 lobbyists, who argue that the revised law would overburden the state's courts with unnecessary civil litigation and result in greatly increased premiums for consumers. House Bill 3160 would allow Oregon residents to file lawsuits against their insurance providers for failing to cover medical bills or taking too long to respond to claims. Insurance companies represent the only remaining industry exempt from the Unlawful Trade Practices Act; banks were included in 2010 following the economic downturn.

Over 75 sickened by infected Oregon berries

A viral outbreak of Hepatitis A spanning eight states has been linked to an Oregon farm, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Officials with the CDC claim that over 75 people in several states have reported Hepatitis A infections, 11 of whom have been hospitalized, after consuming a frozen pomegranate and berry mix produced at the farm. No deaths have been reported, but officials predict the number of reported infections to rise.

Oregon Farm Bureau sues DOL for withholding records

A recent lawsuit accuses the United States Department of Labor of violating the Freedom of Information Act by failing to release public records regarding a series of regulations as per a request by the Oregon Farm Bureau. Representatives with the OFB claim that the DOL unfairly imposed regulations on a number of blueberry farms across the state, causing those businesses to suffer financial setbacks and lose a substantial portion of their harvests. It is unclear whether the DOL will attempt to halt civil litigation by offering a settlement before the case goes to trial. Representatives with the agency have yet to comment on the case.

$5 million lawsuit over La Grande, Oregon drug raid

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the city of La Grande and Union County Oregon, as well as two police officers and one deputy from the same jurisdictions. The civil litigation suit seeks damages of over $5 million in connection with two drug raids on a La Grande home.

Oregon judge dismisses movie pirating lawsuit

Over 600 Oregon residents will not be forced to defend themselves in court over accusations of online copyright infringement after a federal judge threw out a lawsuit filed on behalf of Voltage Pictures, the company that owns the rights to the Steven Seagal film the defendants' were alleged to have illegally downloaded.

Jury rules against Oregon couple in landslide case

Oregon's Benton County was cleared of responsibility in a landslide that destroyed a couple's home. The couple pursued civil litigation against the county after their home was pushed off of its foundation and collapsed during a severe storm. The plaintiffs argued that the county-owned drainage system near the structure caused a substantial amount of rainwater to run into their property, contributing to the home's damage.

Former official's lawsuit targets Oregon Department of Corrections

A man who formerly headed a semi-independent body responsible for employing Oregon prison inmates is accusing the Oregon Department of Corrections of wrongful termination, discrimination and retaliation in a recently filed lawsuit. The former head of Oregon Corrections Enterprises claims a state DOC director fired him after he made complaints about the agency. He is seeking to collect $1.5 million in damages through the civil litigation.

Oregon residents sue insurance company over long-term care

Four Oregon residents are accusing an insurance firm of elderly abuse in a federal class-action lawsuit recently filed in a Portland U.S. District Court. The lawsuit accuses Bankers Life and Casualty Co. of wrongfully increased premiums without enhanced benefits. They are also accused of delaying insurance claims and making their long-term care clients jump through hurdles and massive red tape. The company has long been the target of complaints and civil litigation in Oregon and was recently found to have breached a long-term care insurance contract with a client, who has since passed away.

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