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Wise business owners and boards of directors recognize the importance of building a shield of legal protection around their company. By partnering with a firm that understands the company's unique challenges and goals for growth, the company can mitigate the risk of costly litigation and legal conflict.

Even with the best planning, disputes may still arise. There is confidence, however, knowing that the company is in good hands, represented by a firm that is committed to protecting its interests and long-term goals.

A Strategic Approach To Your Complex Legal Issues

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., is trusted by large and small businesses and professionals throughout Oregon, Washington, and California for our strategic, streamlined approach to handling commercial law and litigation. We have a track record for success in resolving real estate disputes, estate litigation, environmental contamination claims, insurance claims, and many other disputes. We also provide advice and services regarding business advice, real estate transactions, employment matters, estate planning, and more.

What Makes Us Different?

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    We know where the potential land mines lie in business and other transactions, so we draft our agreements to avoid future litigation.

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    We tailor our representation to your particular needs.

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    Our attorneys and staff give you the level of personal attention you desire.

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    We embed strategic consideration in everything we do. We will begin preparing your case for possible trial early on.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Most legal disputes can be resolved without going to trial. We have years of experience in the fundamentals of negotiation, arbitration and mediation. We understand that the keys to resolving any type of dispute are thorough risk analysis, preparation, and appropriate application of leverage. Whenever possible, our firm will seek to achieve your goals without resorting to litigation.

Aggressive Trial Lawyers

When alternative dispute resolution methods don't accomplish your goals, Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., will press your advantage at trial. Our Portland litigation lawyers begin planning for trial early, not after negotiations have reached a dead end.

Success at trial largely depends on strategy and preparation. We uncover the facts to make your case persuasive by searching for critical documents, locating and interviewing solid witnesses, and using experts to support your case. Our courtroom experience and a deep understanding of the procedural and evidentiary rules put you in a position of strength.

Customized Solutions

There is no one way to handle a case; they are all different and unique, and a cookie-cutter approach fails to yield true value. We look at every client and case in a fresh light, looking for new strategies and techniques and changes in the law. As your counsel in business or litigation, we will develop a customized approach, formulating a tailor-made course of action to meet your needs.

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To discuss your legal matter with an experienced lawyer, contact Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., at 503-446-6261 in our Portland office.

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