Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes threaten the health of companies of any size. The conflict will deteriorate the company's foundation, distract the company's leadership and decision makers and cannibalize the company's assets.

Shareholder disputes of any nature require an efficient resolution that mitigates impact to the company and its operations.

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., provides experienced legal representation to individuals and stakeholders involved in shareholder disputes. We move swiftly and decisively to quickly assess the situation and develop legal strategies for resolving the matter.

Protecting Your Interests In Shareholder Disputes

Our firm represents companies and individuals throughout the Northwest and Oregon in all shareholder dispute matters, including:

  • Termination of a shareholder relationship
  • Minority shareholder oppression claims
  • Freeze out and squeeze out claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Diversion of income claims
  • Dividend policy issues
  • Valuation of shareholder stakes
  • Disputed buy-sell agreements
  • Disputed voting trusts

Our team will present all available options and strategies for resolving the matter. Sometimes negotiation will suffice and produce an agreeable outcome at less cost. When it fails, however, we are prepared to take the matter to trial to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

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