Representing Boat Owners, Sellers And Other Parties

Boating is an increasingly common pastime for individuals in the Pacific Northwest. Boat owners, sellers and other parties who have financial interests in the boating industry may be faced with legal issues pertaining to their boats or the use of their boats. When these issues arise, an experienced lawyer can assist you in understanding your rights.

At Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., we have extensive experience handling a wide variety of boating law matters for clients in Oregon, Washington, California and other states. We can take the time to explain any laws that apply to your situation and explore the options you have for seeking a resolution to your boat law matter.

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Boating Injuries

When an individual is injured by a boat or on a boat, the boat owner may be held responsible for that person's injuries and financial losses. Whether the boat was a commercial vessel or a private boat, our attorneys can review the situation and advise you of your rights. Defense in personal injury situations is extremely important, as your future or the future of your business could be in jeopardy.

Boat Transactions

In any type of transaction, it is important to have an attorney involved to ensure all agreements and contracts are legally correct and binding. We are detail-oriented lawyers who have an eye for detail in transactions involving the purchase or sale of a boat, yacht or other vessel.

Environmental Claims

Sometimes, a boat will spill oil or fuel into the body of water in which it travels. If there is an impact to the environment due to that spill, certain regulatory agencies may become involved. If an environmental claim has been filed against you due to your boat, we can stand up for your rights and fight the claims being made.

Repair of Boats

We also handle disputes over the repair of boats in situations where repairs were not completed, not thoroughly done or created more damage than was pre-existing.

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