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Sierra Club of Oregon files appeal

The Sierra Club of Oregon wants to let the public know about the potential dangers of a project that might be coming to Port of Coos Bay, but the club does not want to pay the hefty price that comes with doing so. To remedy this, the club recently filed a civil appeal with the Coos County District Attorney's Office over the matter.

Employees win suit against Bend tire retailer

Argument over hours and wages is often one of the lead reasons behind employment disputes. It certainly was in a recent case that pitted a large tire company, headquartered in Bend, Oregon, against 120 assistant managers for the company, both former and current.

Timber workers sue federal agency over Oregon land

A case of environmental litigation is brewing out of Portland, Oregon. The American Forest Resource Council, a group in Portland that is involved with the timber industry, has filed a lawsuit against the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Does Your Car Get Less MPG than Advertised? - Small Claims Court as an Environmental Litigation Option

Have you purchased an automobile based on its advertised fuel economy?  Have you found that when you actually take the car out on the road the average gas mileage is much less than advertised?  If so, you might be able to sue your automobile manufacturer in small claims court for misleading advertising.  The attorneys at Chenoweth Law Group can help you assess your environmental litigation options, and then help you prepare the evidence and arguments necessary to argue a small claims court case. 

Avoid Unecessary Business & Commercial Litigation - Inadvertant Contracts Over Email

As the nuances of day-to-day business operation become more complex, Chenoweth Law Group is here to help you avoid unnecessary business & commercial litigation.  Everyday, business professionals send and receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails.  In 2009, approximately 247 billion email messages were sent every day (ABC News).  For many professionals, the volume of work emails sent and received can be overwhelming.  As professionals attempt to wade through the daily email morrass as quickly as possible, they should be aware that even quick, seemingly innocuous emails can lead to the unintentional formation of a binding contract.  Especially as state and federal laws became more e-commerce friendly, it is important to undertand what types of communication can potentially bind parties.

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