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Federal appeals court shoots down wolf advocates

A conservation group that raised litigation in efforts to protect the livelihood of wolves throughout the Northern Rockies was turned back when a federal appeals court shot down its lawsuit recently. The move was made to cease the hunting of these animals, located in areas that included portions of eastern Oregon, among other northwestern states.

Portland couple sues for 'wrongful birth'

Many Oregon residents have brought forth civil litigation in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit before. This is when a plaintiff seeks monetary damages for a death that they suspect was caused by the negligence of others. While this concept might be common, a recent civil suit that recently came to a close in Portland, Oregon was labeled a "wrongful birth" lawsuit.

CLG Helps Son Prove Father Provided Gifts, Not Loans to be Repaid to Estate

If you are having issues with an estate or trust dispute, the attorneys at Chenoweth Law Group (CLG) can help you and your family navigate this difficult time. Our attorneys are experienced in estate & trust litigation, and will work diligently to ensure that you obtain the estate assets that you are entitled to.

Non-profit sues Oregon library

A group of concerned citizens have lodged civil litigation against a library in Seaside, Oregon, claiming that the library blatantly exercises discrimination with its policies in lending out the use of its meeting rooms. Claiming that the library's current policies are a direct violation of the United States Constitution, members of the nonprofit organization called Liberty Counsel have filed its complaint in U.S. district court.

Salem veteran sues health insurance provider

The ongoing civil litigation between a 29-year-old man who grew up in Salem, Oregon and his insurance provider lands in a gray area of the insurance provider's coverage. The company's policy states that it will not pay for disability resulting from acts of war. Essentially, the center question to the case is whether or not the war in Iraq was officially ongoing when the man served.

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