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A wise client knows that it is much less costly for a lawyer to invest time early and plan for possible legal disputes at the beginning of any business venture. Whether it is starting a company, creating a new partnership, drafting employment contracts, licensing agreements or asset purchase agreements, having a lawyer who can look ahead and spot danger areas is essential to smooth business operations and reducing litigation costs. Even with the best planning some disputes are inevitable. When negotiations and attempts to find common ground fail, the solution to complex legal disputes is often litigation, and when you reach that point you need a law firm dedicated to the intricacies of litigation. You need experienced, smart, diligent lawyers who can focus their skills and resources on solving your problem.

A Strategic Approach to Your Complex Legal Issues

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., provides a strategic, streamlined approach to cases involving commercial disputes, real estate disputes, estate litigation, environmental contamination, insurance claims, and many other disputes. We also provide advice and services regarding business advice, real estate transactions, employment matters, estate planning, and other matters. Our approach makes us a leader in representing large and small businesses and individuals throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. We work closely with our clients to provide streamlined solutions for their complex legal needs.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We know the landmines in business and other transactions and draft our agreements to avoid future litigation.
  • We tailor our representation to your particular needs.
  • Our attorneys and staff give you the level of personal attention you desire.
  • We embed strategic consideration in everything we do. We begin preparing your case for possible trial early on.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We know that most legal disputes can be resolved without going to trial. We have years of experience in the fundamentals of negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. We understand that the key to resolving any type of dispute is thorough risk analysis, preparation and where to apply leverage. Whenever possible, our firm will seek to achieve your goals without resorting to litigation.

Aggressive Trial Lawyers

When alternative dispute resolution methods don't accomplish your goals, Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., will press your advantage at trial. Our Portland litigation lawyers begin planning for trial early, not at the last minute after negotiations have reached a dead end.

Success at trial largely depends on strategy and preparation. We uncover the facts to make your case persuasive, by searching for critical documents, locating and interviewing solid witnesses, and using experts to support your case. Our courtroom experience and a deep understanding of the procedural and evidentiary rules put you in a position of strength.

Customized Solutions

There is no one way to handle a case — they are all different and unique, and a cookie-cutter approach fails to yield true value. We look at every client and case in a fresh light, looking for new strategies and techniques and changes in the law. As your counsel in business or litigation, we will develop a customized approach, formulating a tailor-made course of action to meet your needs.

Personalized Service and Personal Relationships

Our attorneys take personal ownership of your case from the beginning. We listen to your goals and focus on your needs. Where possible, we evaluate the complexity of each task and use the right person at the best value to complete it. Although we combine our collective talents to create the synergy and value, we do not overstaff cases with junior attorneys and paralegals. With Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., on your side, you will feel confident knowing that an experienced team is working hard to achieve your goals.

We avoid the traditional trappings of a stodgy law firm where law is a mysterious process. A good lawyer knows how to connect with all different types of clients and explain the process, as well as the pros and cons of each step. We personally invest ourselves in getting to know our clients. To effectively represent you, we need to understand the dangers you face and the opportunities. Although you may come to Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., with a discrete problem we can solve, we want to build a relationship that keeps you returning for your next challenge or opportunity. We seek to promote our clients' businesses and services whenever we can.

Contact Our Portland, Oregon, Lawyers

To discuss your legal matter with an experienced lawyer, contact Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., at 503-446-6261 in Portland or 253-200-5991 in Tacoma.

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